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How to synchronize Sony PSP and Apple iPod with CloneDVD

Synchronize Sony PSP and Apple iPod

The newly added feature enables you to easily convert DVD movies to your Sony PSP and Apple iPod. Since you connect your mobile (portable) device to the computer, CloneDVD will automatically set Sony PSP or Apple iPod device as the Target, then you can directly burn the movie to your portable device.

Step 1:Select Source. Specify either DVD disc or DVD folder on hard disk as source.

Step 2:Select Copy Mode. Select your desired copy mode.

Step 3: Select DVD Copy content, audio and subtitle.

Step 4: Click Start to begin to convert DVD file to your SonyPSP and Apple iPod.

Step 5: After the operation is completed, the Synchorinism dialog box will pop up. Then click Next to move the file to your PSP or iPod.

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DVD movie conversion, make you freely convert DVD as various multi-media files to expand your multimedia entertainment on most popular portable devices (Apple iPod, PSP, Zune, Smart Phone, etc.).

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