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How to Copy DVD From PC?

In this guide we will explain How to Copy DVD From PC with DVD Copy & DVD Clone

DVD Copy & DVD Clone

DVD Copy & DVD Clone provides you the most efficient way to copy DVD movies into DVD-R/RW or DVD+R/RW, to copy DVD movie into hard drivers for backup and to burn DVD movies from your hard drivers. You'll get perfect copies with no loss of playback quality allow you to play on home and computer DVD players. DVD Copy & DVD Clone can remove the protections (CSS, RC, RCE AND UOPs) automatically while copying or cloning. You can freely copy/clone/backup protected DVD movies and all regions DVD movies with DVD Copy & DVD Clone.



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How to Copy DVD From PC


Launch Application:


Step 1.  Select Source DVD Movie


         1. if you want to copy a DVD movie from a DVD disc
              (1)  insert a dvd disc
              (2)  choose " form disc " ,
              and then select the source disc from  device list. device list
         2. if have a dvd movie directory  in your hard disk
              (1) choose " from harddisc "   
              (2) Select source dvd folder  source folder


Step 2.  Select Destination:


         1. if you want to make a copy of DVD disc
              (1) choose " to dvd recoder "
              (2) select a  dvd recorder from device list
              (3) select a working folder of  hard disk  for temporary using

         2. if you want to make copy of DVD movie to your hard disk(great for laptops)
              (1) click " to hard disk "   
              (2) Select destination dvd folder  source folder

Step 3. Setting the copy type :


           1. if you just want to copy specified language audio track
                  select  a language from the language list
                  language list

           2. if you want to delete DTS audio of the movie  
                  uncheck  " include dts audio "

           3. if you don't want to  copy subtitle to backup movie
                  uncheck  " include subtitle "

           4. if you just want to copy main movie to destination
                  uncheck  " Include Movie Menu and Episodes "


Step 4.  Setting the destination DVD movie Format :


           1.  Copy D5 , D9 DVD movie disc to D9 disc
                  check " copy to dual layer disc "

           2.  Compress D5, D9 DVD movie to one D5 format disc
                 check " compress to 1 D5 disc "

Step 5. Start Copying:


           Click   start button to start copying.

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