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How to run DVDFab-DVD Copy

Running the program (using Full Disc as an example)

First, select Source (what you want to copy) and Target (where to copy the material to):

  • Source: Insert the DVD you want to backup in your DVD-ROM/DVD-burner or choose a previously processed DVD (VIDEO_TS) folder on your hard drive by clicking the button. Normally DVDFab will auto detect the device when the Source DVD is inserted. You also can click to choose an image (ISO file) as a Source to process and burn.
  • Target: You can choose your DVD writer to burn a disc directly or you can change the save location to a folder on your hard drive by clicking the button. Normally, you only need to change the default save location if you want the program to save the files to another hard disk or special folder. As default the program will use 'My Documents' as target. You also can click to create DVD image(ISO file) on your hard drive.
  • Blank Media Size Selector(DVD5 or DVD9) : For short movies or to make a long movie fit on a DVD5 single layer disc, choose DVD5. DVDFab will compress the material to make it fit; choose DVD9 to make a copy with no compression and burn to double/dual layer blank disc. The Quality percentage reflects the amount of compression; 100% Quality=no compression.

Step by Step

1. Insert your original DVD movie in DVD drive.

2. Choose Source and Target you want.

3. Choose any mode you want to use. Here, we use Full Disc mode as an example.


4. Select the blank media size you prefer for the project (using the DVD5/DVD9 selector).

5. Click Start button.

If you choose a DVD writer as the target to burn the disc directly, DVDFab will ask for a blank disc after copying/processing the movie files to a temporary location on your hard drive.

6. When success window pops up, click OK, then either the Finish or Burn Again buttons. (Burn Again will replace the Pause button after you click OK).


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