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How to Copy DVD to PC?

In this guide we will explain How to copy DVD Movies to PC with RZ DVD Copy.


Launch Application:




Step 1.  Select the DVD Copy Mode

(1)  insert a dvd disc

(2)  select the DVD Copy Mode

There are four kind of modes:

DVD Copy Mode


Step 2.  Select Source DVD Movie

There are three kind of sources,which are:Your DVD Driver,Brows Image,Brows Directory.              


Step 3.  Select the Target:

Select "Save as Directory" Option,and choose the location you want to save.


Step 4. Select the Target Size and target Disc Label:

There are two kind of Target Size Mode: DVD-5(4.7GB), Original size,Customize.

Target Size


Step 5.  Setting the DVD Content,Audio-Language,Subtitle-Language:

           1.  You can select the Source DVD Content which you want to burn:

           2. Select Audio-Language:

          3. Select Subtitle-Language:



Step 6. Start Copying:

           Click   button to start copying.




RZ DVD COPY provide the total solution of making DVD Copies with just one click, it is the powerful, flexible, stability, fast and easy to use.

Designed to Copy and Burn your DVD without any limit(Auto remove Region code, RCE, CSS, CPPM, APS, Macrovision, UOPs, ARccOS, RipGuard, FluxDVD, CORE X2, etc.). Without any special setting, all DVD COPY restrictions will be auto removed in the process of DVD copying. The copied DVD can be played well with both computer and Home standard DVD player, you can play it everyday with no loss of your originals DVD playback quality.You can freely copy/clone/backup protected DVD movies and all regions DVD movies with RZ DVD Copy.

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