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How to copy DVD Movie with TOP DVD Clone


    TOP DVD Clone

    Step 1

    Insert your disk and select one cloning option (one of the three arrows) on the interface. Please note that the type of your disk needs to be consistent with the cloning option. Here are the following tips in selecting the cloning options.

    One-to-one cloning: the first one arrow on the interface, which means one disk can be copied to one blank disk, and the type of the disk should be the same as the blank ones. If the disk you inserted is a D9, and the blank one needs to be D9. The same as D5 to blank D5. 1 D9 to 1 D9, or 1 D5 to 1D5.
    One-to-two cloning: the second arrow on the interface, which means that one D9 disk can be copied into two D5 blank disks. 1 D9 to 2 D5.
    One-to-one compression: the last one arrow on the interface, which means that one D9 disk can be compressed to one blank D5 disk. 1 D9 to 1 D5.

    Step 2

    Click this button, and you will see the "settings" window. Set the TempPath for the temporary DVD information, and please make sure that the path you have set is enough for the information. Then, Click the button to start copying the temporary information to your computer. Then, you will see an interface as follows:

    Step 3

    After the copying process has been finished, the DVD you inserted will pop out automatically. At this moment, put your blank DVD into the DVD drive, and the type of the blank DVD should follow the instructions mentioned in Step 1.

    Step 4


    After inserting the blank DVD, the burning process will automatically proceed without any mouse click, and the burned disk will be automatically ejected out after the burning has been finished.


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Perfect DVD copy software, TOP DVD Clone will copy DVD-9 and DVD-5 to common blank DVDs with super high picture quality and speed. Simple and easy-to-use user interface, the wonderful DVD copier will refresh your common mind towards traditional DVD copy software.

With a powerful DVD copying engine, TOP DVD Clone will copy a DVD-9 to a DVD-9, copy a DVD-5 to a DVD-5, split 1 DVD-9 to 2 DVD-5, compress a DVD-9 to a DVD-5, etc. The DVD copy software also gives you the freedom to set the temporary path in advance for the temporary DVD information, and set your favorite name to the DVDs.


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